Food Drive

Posted on October 21, 2018 00:57:40

We believe in God’s perfect timing and trust in His plans. We believe that He has situated us in this nation, province, and city at this time because of His Divine plan. We also know that the blessing of God’s love is too great to not be shared with the world. These are some of the reasons we decided to initiate our local Food Drive mission.

Why should we help?

According to the Government of Canada, 3 million Canadians are affected by poverty. This is around 1.9 million families. 1 in 8 households struggle to put food on the table for their families. More than 850,000 people nation-wide heavily rely on food banks as their major source of food.

We understand that the food we donate alone will not be enough to end poverty in Canada, but we do know that every little donation makes a big difference in the long run.

What is our mission?

We initiated our Food Drive with hopes of making a difference in the lives of those who are less fortunate. We are very grateful that God has set us in a country with many opportunities. We believe it is our role to shape the future generation and show them by example how to care for the nation God has given us. Therefore, one of our goals for this mission was to teach the younger generation at our church about selflessness and raise awareness about the poverty levels in Canada.

Ultimately, we strive to show a glimpse of the great love God has for us, and glorify His name with everything we do.

Where do all the proceeds go to?

After researching various charities, we decided to use The Salvation Army and The Daily Bread Food Bank as our channels to donate. All proceeds directly get donated to one of the two channels, and we keep no part of the profit for ourselves. We also run this Food Drive on a 100% voluntary basis, and therefore administration costs are not subtracted from monetary donations.

Christmas 2017

During the Christmas season of 2017, we initiated our first Food Drive. We raised a total of 450lb of food donations and around $300 for monetary donations.

Christmas 2017


Spring/Summer 2018

We ran our second Food Drive around the Spring/Summer season of 2018. We found this to be an important time to donate because of how sparse donations usually are around the summertime. Many people generously donate during the Christmas season, however, hunger and poverty are year-round events. During this drive, we collected $500 of monetary donations and around 187 various food items.